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Step-on bin

Step-on bin

Polyethylene step-on bin. The step-on opening frees hands for an easy and hygienic use. Small footprint. Silent-closing lid. Available in different capacities and colours.

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Code BobetDesignationUnitUnit of sale
21315STEP ON BIN 30L WHITEUnit1.0000x
21316STEP ON BIN 30L REDUnit1.0000x
21317STEP ON BIN 50L WHITEUnit1.0000x
21318STEP ON BIN 50L REDUnit1.0000x
21319STEP ON BIN 68L WHITEUnit1.0000x
21320STEP ON BIN 68L YELLOWUnit1.0000x
21321STEP ON BIN 68L REDUnit1.0000x
21322STEP ON BIN 90L WHITEUnit1.0000x
21323STEP ON BIN 90L YELLOWUnit1.0000x
21324STEP ON BIN 90L REDUnit1.0000x


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