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Eco stainless steel sink

Eco stainless steel sink

Eco sink in stainless steel 304L. Sheet thickness 1.5 mm. Welded underframe in stainless steel tube 35x35 mm. Adjustable feet. Different versions available : 1 or 2 sinks, with or without draining. Taps not included. Option : drilling of valves (code Bobet 19113)and full lower shelf.

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Code BobetDesignationUnitUnit of sale
19255ECO SINK 700X700 1S 0DUnit1.0000x
19256ECO SINK 700X800 1S 0DUnit1.0000x
19257ECO SINK 700X1200 1S 1RDUnit1.0000x
19258ECO SINK 700X1200 1S 1LDUnit1.0000x
19315ECO SINK 700X1200 2S 0DUnit1.0000x
19259ECO SINK 700X1400 1S 1RDUnit1.0000x
19260ECO SINK 700X1400 1S 1LDUnit1.0000x
19261ECO SINK 700X1400 2S 0DUnit1.0000x
19262ECO SINK 700X1600 2S 1RDUnit1.0000x
19263ECO SINK 700X1600 2S 01LDUnit1.0000x
19264ECO SINK 700X1800 2S 1RDUnit1.0000x
19265ECO SINK 700X1800 2S 1LDUnit1.0000x
19266ECO SINK 700X1900 2S 1RDUnit1.0000x
19267ECO SINK 700X1900 2S 1LDUnit1.0000x
19268ECO SINK 700X2000 2S 1RDUnit1.0000x
19269ECO SINK 700X2000 2S 1LDUnit1.0000x
19270ECO SINK 700X2000 2S 2DUnit1.0000x


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